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tv   The Early Show  CBS  July 9, 2009 7:00am-9:00am EDT

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with sinking poll numbers at home, president obama confronts rising global temperatures overseas, but can he convince other world leaders to follow his lead? a doctor comes forward and links michael jackson to prescription drug use, but the mystery still remains. what actually killed him, and where is his body? the government pushes to replace deadly drains at thousands of public pools across the country. >> this is an ongoing effort to bring all public pools in this country into code. it's a safer place so that parents have more confidence when their kids dive into the pool. >> we'll tell you what every family should look for. and if you drink bottled water, you may be getting more than you pay for. >> when we tested ten major brands of bottled water, we found 38 different pollutants. >> early this thursday morning, july 9th, 2009.
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captioning funded by cbs good morning from new york. welcome to "the early show." i'm maggie rodriguez along with harry smith. julie chen is on assignment. >> you know that line, jack nicholson in a few good men, and he's being interrogated. >> you can't handle the truth. >> exactly. there's this whole thing about who knew what and what was not told by members of congress by the cia. it has exploded in a brand new level of controversy. this morning several democratic members of congress say leon panetta and the cia have been lying since 2001. we'll get more on that with pete hoekstra. also ahead this morning, it is now official. football star steve mcnair died at the hands of his mistress, and she may not have been his only girlfriend. this morning we'll have the latest on the investigation. we will also hear from the mcnair family pastor. first, president obama's popularity rating has taken a
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five point hit in the latest harris poll. he's now at 54%. this comes as mr. obama meets with world leaders at the g8 summit in l'aquila, italy. did i say that right? yes, i did. senior white house correspondent bill plante is traveling with the president. buon giorno, bill. >> reporter: the president's focus here today is on global warming. china and india don't want to cut their emissions unless the u.s. cuts it. there's no agreement in sight as china, india, and other fast growing nations join in the summit. brazil is one of those countries. >> hey, look at this. >> reporter: and its president treated president obama with the gift of a soccer jersey, a reminder that brazil beat the u.s. team last month. this is being held at the site of last month's devastating earthquake, where thousands of homeless are still living in tents and not happy at the pace of reconstruction. the sign on the hillside is a
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play on president obama's campaign slogan, yes we camp. the leaders, including president obama, are staying in these police barracks instead of the usual luxury hotels. their spouses toured the earthquake damage today, and michelle obama continues to attract movie star attention. >> certainly, the europeans have been fascinate by what she's wearing in particular, what she's doing. they see her as a very dramatic, very fashionable figure. >> reporter: the first lady, who's staying in obama, took her daughters malia and sasha to the coliseum, and their grandmother took them for gelato, italian ice cream. last night as i headed for a favorite seafood restaurant in rome, i got there and found crowds and security. so i called the restaurant, and they said, oh, yeah, the p's wife is here, but come around the other side. >> so they let new -- you had to go in the back? >> reporter: had to go around the back. no big deal to the italians. >> cbs' bill plante. thank you, bill. now to washington, where
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there's a renewed storm of controversy this morning over house speaker nancy pelosi's claim the cia misled congress. cbs news correspondent nancy cordes is on capitol hill with the latest. good morning, nancy. >> reporter: good morning, harry. a new letter has surfaced that appears to have reopened a feud that was simmering between the cia director and house speaker nancy pelosi and her allies. it all centers around a briefing that the cia director gave congress last month in which he apparently told them they had not been adequately briefed on an intelligence issue. the letter, from seven democratic members of the house intelligence committee to the director of the cia leon panetta says, "recently you testified that top cia officials have concealed significant actions from all members of congress and misled members for a number of years from 2001 until this week. in light of your testimony, we ask that you publicly correct your statement of may 15th,
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2009." in that statement, panetta had asserted it was not the cia's policy or practice to mislead congress. that had been a response to the speaker of t house, nancy pelosi's accusation that the cia had lied to her about waterboarding and other intelligence issues. >> they mislead us all the time. >> reporter: intelligence officials tell cbs news that the error that cia director panetta briefed them on last month was an error of owe mission, not deliberate. but these democratic members seem to believe there's more to it than that. harry? >> nancy cordes live with us in washington this morning. thanks. michigan congressman pete hoekstra has been fiercely critical of nancy pelosi and her actions against the cia. he is ranking member of the house intelligence committee, and he joins us from capitol hill. good morning, sir. >> good morning, harry. >> let's go back now. nancy pelosi claims she was misled by the cia about enhanced interrogation techniques.
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cia director leon panetta comes back and says, come on. there's no policy of the cia to mislead congress. now we have congressional democrats saying panetta told them the cia has not always told the truth. what do you make of this? >> it's one of the most bizarre episodes in politics that i've seen in my time here in washington. you button top of that that this week also the chairman of the committee sylvester reyes has accused the cia of lying yesterday on the intelligence authorization bill. the president issued a veto threat. you know, this is -- these are all democrats saying the cia lied. the cia director leon panetta said, no, we did not. we're just kind of sitting on the sidelines. we're trying to focus on national security policy, national security issues, and the democrats, from my perspective, are looking for some adult supervision. there's no leadership here at all, harry. it is -- this is very, very
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bizarre. >> i'm going to get to the veto threat in a second. in your experience, have you ever been misled or purposely told something that was not true in your cia briefings? >> absolutely. you know, there's an inspector general, of course. you may remember back in 2001 there were missionary pilots from my home district in michigan that were shot down. two people were tragically killed. the inspector general did a detailed investigation of that incident, and in 2008 came back and said, congress was misled and we were lied to in that incident. >> how is it, in terms of moving forward and in terms o congress having the proper oversight of the cia, whose real job is it? isis it leon panetta's job to g these people who testify in front of congress to tell them the truth, that they legally are bound to tell? >> oh, absolutely.
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but i would think again, harry, what you will find is by and large in the vast majority of cases, when we are briefed by the cia, we get the information that we need to do the job. sometimes it's difficult to pull that information out of them, but if congress does its job, i think we can get the information that we need. >> all right. here's the hard cold political question of the morning. this letter that the democrats have brought out and said that the cia director informs them that there has been misleading of congress, is this just to create political cover for nancy pelosi? >> hair whirrharry, i don't kno. you'll have to ask them. it's very strange. they sent that letter on stationery making sure that letter was available to the press but also making sure we on the republican side didn't get the letter. also the letter that sylvester reyes sent to leon panetta was slipped under my door after hours, and it was given to the media well before we ever received it. so to me, it looks like they're
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working on the political equation. they're not trying to foster a bipartisan consensus on national security. >> peter hoekstra, we thank you very much for your time this morning. take care. thanks. >> thank you, harry. >> chris wragge at the news desk. >> in for russ mitchell. good morning. >> nothing to hide over here, guys. i'll be as straightforward as i possibly can. good morning. this was an especially violent morning in iraq. bombers struck in baghdad. and in northern iraq, killing more than 40 people and injuring upwards of 100. the baghdad attack targeted a marketplace in the shiite district of sadr city. in eastern afghanistan, a truck bomb overturned and exploded this morning killing at least 25 people and leave a huge crater in the road. 15 of those killed were schoolchildren. a southern afghanistan roadside bomb killed two nato soldiers. and investigators are trying to trace the source of a massive cyber attack on u.s. computer systems over the fourth of july weekend. south korean computers were also hit, and the cyber attacks were continued this morning. the prime suspect is north
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korea, though that's yet to be proven. in this country, websites of the state department, the national security agency were hit, and the treasury, transportation, and ftc sites were all shut down. experts call the denial of service attacks crude but effective. and some tense moments in los angeles where a large brush fire is currently burning. the 80-acre fire in the santa monica mountains came dangerously close to the getty center art complex yesterday. the museum and a nearby art college were evacuated. the fire, we're happy to report, is just about contained. now here's dave price with a first check of today's weather. >> nice to see you, chris. let's begin by talking about the rough weather we showed you on the maps yesterday in portions of the upper midwest and plains and into the midwest and pushing through new england. let's go and take a look at eastern kansas, where high winds ripped the roof off of a motel yesterday. hangar at the airport just reduceded to debris. and at least two tractor-trailer trucks blown to their sides. now we'll go to new england, and
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we'll go to hopkington, massachusetts. rough weather there uprooted trees and pelted the area with hail. we'll see rough weather continue now today in the upper midwest. let's go to the maps right now and see what we're talking about. we could see high winds again, strong storms. if you're traveling to this portion of the country, do take good care. in the meantime, we'll see new england begin to go clear out. you're still talking about temperatures which are 10 to 15 degrees below normal, really cool conditions. and as we slip down to the new york area, it was on this date that new york city saw its highest temperature ever. 1936, it was 106 degrees in central park. scattered showers in the southeast. we'll talk about charleston, which got walloped yesterday, doubling its record rainfall amounts. we'll show you video in a little while. west of the rockies, looks good. high heat continues as you head into texas, where about 90% of the state is going to be in tr
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and that's our first look at weather this morning. 12 minutes past the hour. folks, over to you. >> that was a really good forecast. >> it was packed. >> comprehensive. very comprehensive. >> i think i could actually wrap it up for the day now. >> cover the whole nation too. >> i did. >> thank you, dave. coming up, we're hearing more this morning about michael jackson and prescription drugs. find out what one of his doctors had to say. and we're learning more details of steve mcnair's bizarre death, including an allegation that he may have had more than one girlfriend. this is "the early show" on cbs.
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it is now 7:16. welcome back to "the early show." we're learning more this morning about michael jackson's prescription drug use. one doctor is speaking about what he gave jackson. meanwhile, the biggest mystery remains, where is his body? here's cbs news correspondent ben tracy. >> reporter: in the surreal saga that is michael jackson's death, the question now is where is his body? ♪ gone too soon >> reporter: his casket was front and center at the memorial service, but its whereabouts are now a closely guarded jackson family secret. we do know that at least portions of the singer's brain are still at the medical
7:17 am
examiner's office being tested to see whether jackson had any neurological conditions that may have caused his death. >> if the brain is observed as normal, then the issue becomes the toxicology report. >> reporter: that could show whether prescription painkillers jackson allegedly took played any role in his death. it could also determine if the singer was using diprivan, a powerful anesthetic he may have taken to battle insomnia. meanwhile, tmz reports the jackson family gave investigators a list of doctors who may have been overprescribing medication for michael jackson. it reportedly includes dr. arnold klein, jackson's longtime dermatologist. on "larry king live" he denied unethical behavior in his treatment of the pop star. >> i had to keep reducing the dosage of what he was on because he came to me with a huge tolerance level. >> reporter: toxicology results which could show exactly what killed michael jackson may take
7:18 am
weeks. ♪ my life will never be the same ♪ >> reporter: ben tracy, cbs news, los angeles. >> although we still don't know what killed michael jackson, the stories about his prescription drug use and alleged abuse highlight a growing problem in this country. the federal government estimates 15 million americans abuse prescription medication. gil kerlikowske, the director of the office of national drug policy joins us this morning. good morning. >> good morning. >> investigators in the michael jackson case are looking at the sedative diprivan, which michael jackson's nurse told her he begged her for, which was reportedly found in his home. i don't think people realize this is not a drug people have in their homes. if a doctor did, in fact, prescribe it, do you think he or she should face criminal charges? >> maggie, i'm not able to talk about the very sad and untimely death of michael jackson, but what i can certainly tell you is the issue of prescription drug abuse which the office of
7:19 am
national drug control policy has been kind of shouting about from the rooftops for the last several months. it is a significant problem in this country. >> but a drug like diprivan, will you explain to people what -- someone should not have this in their home. this is a very serious drug that should be administered by a doctor. >> maggie, when we look at what's killing people in this country as far as drugs, as recently as looking at 2006 data, more people were dying of drug overdoses than were actually dying from gunshot wounds in the united states. i think that should tell everybody -- and certainly michael jackson's very sad, the loss of him is a wakeup call to this country. so all of the prescription drugs have legitimate medical uses, but the key is they're being abused, and the key is that parents can actually help prevent a lot of this. there are a lot of ways to do that. >> this is such a wakeup call for parents, or it should be
7:20 am
anyway, because teenagers -- use of prescription drugs among teenagers is on the rise. how are they getting it? >> the medicine cabinet. we listen and talk a lot about what's coming across borders, et cetera, what's being manufactured in homemade labs. all of these prescription drugs are coming out of medicine cabinets, sometimes out of hospitals or extended care facilities, and parents again are the key to being able to stop this. >> how? >> the anti-drug -- all one word, the has information that parents can go to right away. but securing those medicines. talking to your kids about the dangers of prescription drugs. when used properly, they're oftentimes lifesavers. when used improperly, they can result in terrible problems, addiction and death. >> it's such an important conversation, and i'm so glad we're having it. gil kerlikowske, thank you so much for joining us. >> thank you. >> you're welcome. coming up next, police in
7:21 am
nashville reveal details about steve mcnair's death while friends, fans, and family members remember him. we'll be right back. >> announcer: this portion of "the early show" sponsored by exe mercedes benz you must enripe. the amazing e-class. (announcer) it is the most advanced automobile we have ever created. a car that can help awaken its driver if he begins to doze... keep him in his lane if he starts to wander... even stop itself if he becomes distracted. if you want to see the future of the automobile, just look at the new e-class... today. this is the 9th generation e-class. this is mercedes-benz. but now they have new areas where i can find the brands i use every day-- and save even more. so that's what they mean by unbeatable. save money. live better. walmart.
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bottled water person? >> no, tap. >> bottled water? >> yeah. >> you know what's in it? >> probably not bottled water. >> tap. >> there's this whole thing. nobody really knows what's in it. the government has no clue whatsoever. it's surprising. >> except now we know some things that are not supposed to be in it are in fact. we're going to tell you what they are ahead on "the early show" on cbs. stlar.: yhe y w..n companies were laying off hundreds of thousands of workers...
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lots of people out at 59th and fifth out here on the corner. >> shiny, happy people. >> welcome back to "the early show." if you think your bottled water is pure and brought to you from a remote mountain spring, you might be in for a surprise or two. also ahead in this hour, if your kids are going swimming this summer in a public pool, do not assume it is safe. we're going to tell you about what you need to look for. every parent has to take the ball here and check for something very important in public pools. >> first, though, questions about how former nfl quarterback steve mcnair died have now been put to rest. cbs news correspondent priya david is here with the latest.
7:31 am
good morning. >> reporter: good morning, harry. good morning, everyone. police in nashville confirm ex-nfl quarterback steve mcnair was killed by his girlfriend, who then shot and killed herself. yesterday police released video of the girlfriend who was pulled over and arrested for drunk driving, two days before the couple died in the murder-suicide. this video shows a police officer giving 20-year-old sahel kazemi a sobriety test, while mcnair, who was a passenger, remains in the car. kazemi repeatedly asks mcnair to come to the police cruiser where she's sitting, but mcnair leave ins a cab without ever coming to talk to her. two days later on the fourth of july, the former football star's body was discovered inside this nashville condominium. he'd been shot four times, twice in the head, twice in the chest. >> there's no doubt we believe now at this time that mcnair was seated on the sofa and likely was asleep. >> reporter: next to him, the body of sahel kazemi with one
7:32 am
self-inflicteded gunshot wound to her temple and a pistol she'd purchased two days earlier. one of mcnair's close friends stumbled on the dead pair and called 911. >> i gotta to be the one to make this call. it's so messed up. >> reporter: friends of kazemi told police that the 20-year-old had suspicions that mcnair, a married father of four, may have had another woman on the side. >> we do know she was clearly sending a message to people the last five to seven days of her life that things were going bad. >> reporter: friends and co-workers say there was no indication kazemi planned to harm mcnair or herself although she had followed a woman she'd seen leaving mcnair's home. mcnair's wife said through a representative she had no idea who kazemi was. >> thanks so much. joining us exclusively from nashville is bishop joseph walker iii, a close friend of the mcnair family and pastor of the mt. zion baptist church, which the mcnairs attended. good morning, bishop. >> good morning. >> how's the family doing? >> well, the family is obviously
7:33 am
distraught and saddened by the recent events. they absolutely love steve. but they are coming along well. michelle is holding up as best as anyone could under these circumstances, and the kids are processing this. but they have a lot of support and love around them. >> how much of a shock was it for you to find out that steve mcnair, who is from all indications a model citizen, was not only having an affair but maybe simultaneously having two affairs? >> well, you know, it -- his death primarily was the shock because steve was such a giving person in our community and just did so many wonderful things as a humanitarian, a philanthropist and worked with young people. we're really not focuseded so much on the circumstances. we really just miss this man who meant so much this to community and so many people who are gathered around this family during this time. >> how old are his children? >> steve and michelle have two
7:34 am
kids, one 10, one 6. and of course, he has two other older children in previous relationships before michelle. >> wow. in your congregation, as i understand it, they were regular attendees. you have known them for ten years. >> i have. >> what does this do? what kind af shockwave does this send through a community? >> well, it obviously is -- it's an incredible shockwave. it's something comparable to someone coming home and discovering the house is on fire or something that will hit a person like a katrina. it's a very difficult time for our ministry. they were so committed to this community. michelle served on a board, nonprofit. steve coached celebrity basketball game to raise money for kids to go to college. they're just such a dear part of our faith community. it's such a difficult time. we're trying to support each
7:35 am
other through this and encourage the family at this time. >> bishop joseph walker, thank you so much for your time this morning. take care. dave is at the weather board. here it is, another nice day in new york city. >> well, we deserve it, don't we? because we've had tough weather in the northeast. if you're in new england, boy, it's going to continue. it's amazing what a "y" will do. you add a "y" to the word crisp, and you get crispy, which means kind of warm. but it's going to be crisp, as in cool, throughout new england. low to mid-50s this morning. this is july, everyone. look at the temperatures. portland yesterday, 58 degrees. you also got 13 inches of rain since june 1. boston, 66 degrees. burlington, 65. lots of little league games rained out yesterday afternoon through rhode island. again, we're hoping to see a change in better weather. we have seen this high pressure system begin to go roll on in. hopefully, we'll be dry throughout new england today with rare exception. the southeast is going to see some rain. record-setting rain in charleston yesterday around east bay street.
7:36 am
you doubled your record rain for the day, just incredible. and through portions of the upper midwest today, you're going to see severe weather. it's high heat in texas and portions of the southern and central plains. >> certainly summer-like weather as you head to the central and southern plains, everyone. that's a quick look at your weather picture. maggie and harry, over to you. >> dave, thank you. up next, there may be a danger lurking at the bottom of your local pool.
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public pools may be putting your kids at risk this summer because they're violating a new federal safety rule. cbs news correspondent susan koeppen is here with the story. good morning, susan. >> good morning, maggie. we're talking about places like schools and parks and camps. the national swimming pool foundation estimates that half of public pools have failed to install new anti-entrapment devices. if you are swimming in a pool that has a drain cover that looks like this, that pool is in violation of the law. it's called the hidden hazard, the drain in pools and spas. it's what killed virginia graham baker. in 2002, the little girl drowned after getting stuck to a drain in a hot tub. the force was so strong two grown men couldn't pull her free. now, new safety standards have been put in place to keep swimmers, especially children, from getting trapped. but plenty of pools and spas
7:41 am
across the country have yet to comply with the law. >> you have no doubt that there are pools that have dangerous covers? >> i have no doubt whatsoever. i've seen them myself. >> reporter: george pellington is with the pool safety council. he calls these older drain covers death traps. why are these so dangerous? >> because the covers are so flat, a body can seal off these covers, and large forces could hold a bather down to the drain. >> reporter: inside the pool safety council's test lab, pellington showed us what can happen when a child gets stuck on a drain with no cover or an older flat cover. so if i'm the parent and i'm trying to pull the child out -- >> you will not be able to remove it. >> reporter: not a chance. no way. but new drain covers required by law make it much harder for a swimmer to become trapped. when you go into a public pool now, you're going to look for something like this. >> yes. you're going to want to see a cover that has a dome shape to
7:42 am
it or a pyramidal shape to it. >> reporter: what should happen now? back in the pool lab, we witnessed a difference. now with this type of drain cover. >> it won't stick. >> reporter: nothing's happening. >> right. there's no force. >> reporter: under the virginia graham baker act, named after the young girl who drowned, all public pools and spas are now required to have anti-entrapment drain covers. but of the 300,000 public pools in this country, it's estimated that only half have made the switch. is there enough enforcement right now? >> there isn't. >> reporter: in charge of enforcing the law is the consumer products safety commission. i sat down with cpsc spokesperson scott wolfson. this is a great law. it's out there to protect children. but there's really not the manpower behind it to check to make sure that everybody is complying with the law. >> this is the start. this is an ongoing effort to bring all public pools in this country into code, into a safer place that parents have more confidence when their kids dive
7:43 am
into the pool. >> reporter: so it really kind of falls on a parent? >> we want every public pool to be compliant. it's the law. but it's going to be an effort beyond just cpsc. >> reporter: pools can face fines and closure if they're not up to code. but many pools are open and operating this summer with dangerous drain covers still in place. >> worst case scenario is an accident occurs, and a child or an adult is injured, maybe even killed, and we just don't want that to happen. >> reporter: and last week, i checked the drain covers at the kiddy pool where my kids swim. they were not in compliance. i said something. and when i went back, the next day they had been changed, maggie. >> so they have access to this. it's not a difficult thing to do if they're just aware. >> yes. some are claiming it's very expensive to replace the drains and a lack of drain covers. but they're out there. they're available. they need to make the change. >> first thing i should do when i go to the public pool is make sure the drain is not flat. >> not flat. >> is that easy to see from outside the water?
7:44 am
>> sometimes you have to get down in the water to see. they should have some curve to them. in florida this week, a boy in a hot tub got stuck. it was hard to pull him out. if you're a parent and the child gets stuck, take your fingers and put them underneath the child and try to pop him off, not pull him off. you can try to do that. >> more like peel. >> more like peel andlol r them off the drain asol opposed to pulling them off. >> susan koeppen, thanks so much. ⌟
7:45 am
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7:48 am
>> i prefer water bottles because they seem cleaner than tap water. >> bottled water is fresh spring water. >> reporter: but others like sarah walton question whether it's safe at all. >> the biggest thing is just not knowing what's in it. they don't have to label it. >> reporter: at a congressional hearing yesterday, the government accountability office said bottled water should be regulated as stringently as tap water. >> we tested ten major brands of bottled water. we found 38 different pollutants. >> reporter: her consumer group found that nearly one-third of bottled waters provide no information about the source of the water. the bottled water industry says consumers are already getting plenty of information, but the gao recommends requiring more to give consumers greater confidence tapping into their wallet to take a sip. kelly wallace, cbs news, new york. >> now we need a water police. >> a water czar.
7:49 am
we grew up on tap, and we turned out semi okay. >> whoa, whoa. >> no we didn't, dave? what did you grow up on? >> florida tap and new york tap are very -- >> very different. >> as evidenced. still to come, empty nests are filling back up again these days. we'll tell you why. >> announcer: "cbs healthwatch" sponsored by kellogg's special k products. i really want dessert tonight. i better skip breakfast. yep, this is all i need. ( stomach growls ) skipping breakfast to get ahead? research shows that women that eat breakfast, like the special k® breakfast, actually weigh less. the special k® breakfast, now in blueberry. so why skip? when you can eat all this... and still weigh less. victory is... sweet.
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the recession is forcing many young adults to move back in with their parents. we'll tell you what you need to know about boomerang kids. meanwhile, some people are actually jobless and happy about it. we'll meet the lucky few who are working hard at not working and enjoying their fun employment. >> i am loving this, and i have no time frame in which i want to jump back into a job. and the latest internet sensation, daredevil roller babies. ♪ you rock. don't stop ♪ >> early this thursday morning, july 9th, 2009. ♪
8:01 am
hello, hello, hello. welcome back to "the early show." i'm maggie rodriguez with harry smith, dave price. jewels is on assignment this morning. hi, everybody. >> hi. >> they're just like shivering going, they told us it would be summer in new york. >> it's a little breezy and cool but pleasant. >> it's very september like. ♪ september morn >> this is so morning. it's a morning television morning because we've got a bunch of food over there. there's like a food thing. so we have food for morning tv, and we've got a woman in a whatchamacallit flying up and down. >> it's just another day in new york city. >> so it's just another morning on morning tv. >> it's very morning tv like. wow. >> we're going to explain later
8:02 am
why she's doing that. >> maybe we can see if she wants to eat some of the food. >> while she's bungee jumping. >> that wouldn't be -- >> that would be morning television, though, right? >> a lot of people are adding unexpected calories to their food this summer. are you aware of that? >> yes. >> that's what the food segment is about. we'll help you get control of your condiments. >> dave? >> always use them, always. no matter what i'm eating. first, though, let's say hello to chris wragge. he's at the news desk. good morning to you. >> you guys keep it out there. you're just about to get yourselves in some real trouble. >> so why don't you take it away. >> the ice is pretty thin. >> thank you so much. there was extreme weather across the country. charleston, south carolina, needed some rain, and boy did they get it. yesterday more than four inches fell, a record for the date. flash flood watches were posted. violent storms also battered eastern kansas. our kansas city station kctv is in the town of ottawa for us
8:03 am
this morning, and he jouns us now. >> reporter: good morning, chris. this used to be the roof of a motel in ottawa, kansas, ripped off in these storms. it just popped out of nowhere. came to rest on this pickup truck. some folks in here were trapped briefly when the storms came through yesterday afternoon. the storm also caused significant damage at a nearby airport. you'll be able to see it as the wind just tore down part of that hangar. a lot of folks we talked to said it was sunny one moment, the next dark skies, and then buckets of rain and that intense wind. there were some 18 wheelers just off interstate 35 coming through franklin county that was tossed around like toys in this storm. but with all of the damage you saw in the video, there were no injuries to report. that's the latest live in ottawa, kansas. back to you in new york. >> kctv's eric chaloux live in ottawa, kansas. at the g8 summit, president
8:04 am
obama focused largely on fighting global warming. the requirement for every summit is the class photos. mr. obama struck a pose with other leaders. the summit expanded today to include nations with rapidly growing economies like brazil, india, and china. meanwhile, first lady michelle obama and other g8 spouses were given a tour of l'aquila, now the summit site in italy's central mountains. much of the town was leveled by an april earthquake, if you remember, and recovery efforts have gone very slowly. katie couric has a preview of tonight's "cbs evening news" for us. good morning. why are struggling businesses in the cayman islands creating hardship for residents all the way to nantucket? our financial family tree series continues tonight only on the "cbs evening news." now back to "the early show." >> dave is out on the plaza. i think by this time he's got himself strapped into that -- oh, of course he does. >> i'm not strapped in yet. i'm just trying to see if i have the guts to do this. i don't think i n do it. i don't think i can do it.
8:05 am
it's pretty cool, though. but i don't have the harnett on. let's bounce across the country and see what's going on all throughout the usa. wow, that's cool. let's pull up the maps. you have some flooding downpours which are going to occur during the afternoon in the upper midwest. a couple of inches possible from madison to des moines, pushing eastward towards the great lakes. you're going to want to make sure you watch the roads, standing water especially. we'll widen out. watch the hail too, by the way. more rain stretching into georgia and south carolina. charleston, you got walloped yesterday. high heat in the southern plains. looks like the rockies to the west coast looks really very, very nice. again, as far as severe weather goes, it's the upper midwest. new england is going to begin to clear on out.
8:06 am
>> announcer: this weather report sponsored by hershey's. what makes a hershey's bar pure? pure, delicious hershey's chocolate. >> that's a quick look at your weather picture. harry, over to you. up next, they went away to college, got their degrees, and now they're back. dealing with boomerang kids when we return. what makes a hershey's bar pure? [crowd cheering] come on! pure gooey goodness... the pure joy of winning a s'mores bbq with rascal flatts. check specially marked packs to learn how. pure hershey's.
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that causes bleeding, you should not use plavix. when taking plavix alone or with some other medicines including aspirin, the risk of bleeding may increase so tell your doctor before planning surgery. and always talk to your doctor before taking aspirin or other medicines with plavix, especially if you've had a stroke. if you develop fever or unexplained weakness or confusion, tell your doctor promptly as these may be signs of a rare but potentially life-threatening condition called ttp, which has been reported rarely, sometimes in less than two weeks after starting therapy. other rare but serious side effects may occur. (male announcer) if you take plavix with other heart medicines continuing to do so will help increase your protection ainst a future heart attack or stroke beyond your other heart medicines alone. you may be feeling better but your risk never goes away. help stay protected, stay with plavix. the unemployment rate is now at its highest point since 1983. the young and old alike are
8:10 am
finding ways to cope with job loss. >> in fact, 50 million young adults reported that they lived with their parents last year. our financial contributor ray martin is here with some advice for families who have these boomerang kids. they go, but then they come right back. good morning. >> good morning, maggie. >> is that a bad thing, moving back in with mom? or is it a smart financial move in this recession? >> this is a different time and place. what was that sitcom, "all in the family," archie bunker who had his daughter and son-in-law move in and stayed forever. this is a tough economy. as you said, no job offers. the job offers that young adults are getting are so low they can't pay rent and student loans. this is the ultimate in being able to make a fresh start. the lowest cost of living you're ever going to have is intergenerational living arrangement, the boomerang. it will work for a young adult and parents as long as you set rules and ground rules here. >> you have dos and don'ts. this reminds me, in my house back in the day, so old school,
8:11 am
as soon as you graduated from high school, if you were going to stay in the house, hu to pay room and board. >> are you serious? >> oh, yeah. that was not so unusual back in the day. >> i think -- some experts disagree on this. i think charging rent, even a nominal amount, makes a lot of sense. you want your young adult to feel like they're contributing here. you want to make them be accountable. if you're a parent saying, i don't think i want to do that, don't treat your young adult like a child. treat them like a young adult here. utilities are going to go up. food costs are going to go up here. the question is how much do you charge and how do you figure it out? you can use inform alrules like percentage of rooms used. they use one room. you have ten rooms in the house. that's 10% of the house. 10% of the interest, taxes, utilities, insurance. $3,000 a month to take care of your house. it would cost 10%, $300 a month. >> and you make it like a lease and you set a deadline. you've got to be out by -- >> set a rental agreement. set a deadline. don't make this open-ended. set a goal.
8:12 am
you stay as long as you pay down your debt for a certain amount or build up a certain amount of savings to rent your own place or buy your own place. >> don't want them to get too comfortable. >> or set a goal like, when you get a job, you can pay for yourself. that's when you move out. but set a deadline. >> and you let the kids do whatever they did when they were in college when they come home, right? you do that, or you do the opposite? >> i say you set some rules here, and you talk about them. things like who's going to do the laundry, clean the bathroom and the kitchen? take out the trash? do the lawn? and you have a discussion about things like curfews and visitors, sleepovers. sleepovers for your young adult child are going to take on a whole new meaning versus your 10-year-old kid. >> that's just weird. it's so important that a lot of parents cave and think they're helping their kid by giving money. i'm with you. i don't think that's a good idea at all. >> giving your kid a financial bailout when they move home and paying off all their debts for them isn't teaching them anything about financial accountability and how to work out of a corner they've gotten themselves into.
8:13 am
instead, be a mentor and a coach, help them work out a debt plan and get out of debt. help them with that instead of bailing them out. >> if i were your kid, i'd be afraid. >> you don't want to make it too easy. it's a young adult living with you, not your child. make them clean up to your standards and be a contributor, and it will work out for everybody. >> for more on these boomerang kids, go to our website. and coming up for some of the unemployed, it's no jobs, no problems. find out about the growing number of people enjoying their fun-employment. the pontiac summer closeout is here; hurry to get the pontiac you want before they're gone. the price on the tag is the price you pay. get a 2009 pontiac vibe for $13,708 after all offers. or get 0% apr for 60 months on most 2009 pontiac models! all are backed with the best coverage in america, including a 5 year/100,000 mile powertrain warranty. get some excitement while you still can, during the pontiac summer closeout.
8:14 am
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8:15 am
for most people, losing a job would be a crushing blow. some people who are suddenly out of work are actually managing to enjoy themselves. imagine that. cbs news correspondent john blackstone reports this morning on what's being called fun-employment.
8:16 am
>> reporter: if the economy is so dismal, why are these victims of the recession smiling? who came up with the term for this? >> yeah, fun-employment. >> reporter: alexis mancini was a san francisco marketing executive. she had a good job with good pay. >> i definitely thought i was indispensable and thought that my job was safe. >> reporter: it wasn't. despite a stellar resume, weeks of job searching went nowhere. >> i went into total panic mode. i was really bummed. and then i got over it. >> reporter: she decided she would be fun-employed and started a blog. >> just the word unemployed conjures up these images of sad people in long trenchcoats and fedoras waiting for their bread ration. that's what somebody is when they're unemployed. but when you're fun-employed. >> reporter: when you're fun-employed, you can relate to mike van gorkom, laid off last year from yahoo, totally laid back today.
8:17 am
>> i am loving this. >> reporter: what he's doing now is hitting the beach and hitting golf balls. >> nice. >> reporter: niki shelley is using the time to be a starving artist. she gave up her high pay, high stress new york advertising job and moved to san francisco. now her typical day includes no stress. >> hang out in the park, have coffee with friends, garden in the backyard. a lot more personal time now. >> reporter: in general, the fun-employed are young and single, no kids, inform mortgage. >> employment will be a concern down the line definitely. but i also feel like this time right now is in some ways priceless. >> reporter: still, there are adjustments. >> i am. i'm considering going back to starbucks. >> reporter: and you told your mother? >> and she asked me corporate? and i said no, back in the store. >> reporter: you're going to be making coffee again? >> yeah. >> reporter: and she's brewing ideas for a new direction. >> i plan to go back to school and get a masters in counseling
8:18 am
and become a high school guidance counselor. >> reporter: so it is for the fun-employed. yes, they will search for that elusive job that provides reward and meaning to their lives but not quite yet. john blackstone, cbs news, san francisco. >> is that good or irresponsible? >> he's got to keep his shoulder down. terrible golf swing. he needs lessons. >> not the golf swing. the taking the time off from life thing. >> i did that in my late 20s. it was one of the best things i ever did. >> really? >> absolutely. hi saved a little bit of money, and just basically read, hung out, ran, climbed mountains, did nothing but sort of reassess my life, how was i going to move forward. >> if you can afford to do that. >> these people aren't saying -- they're using it as an opportunity. >> you know what else you could do in your free time? you could put on roller skates. >> that's a great transition,
8:19 am
maggie. >> dave's got something close to that. >> online video by evian water is becoming a youtube sensation. it involves that age old combination of babies, roller skates, and hip-hop. take a look. ♪ ♪ ♪ >> how cute is that? "rapper's delight." let's go old school. i think it's adorable. i think it's genius because 3 million or 4 million people have watched it, which is exactly what you want when you put out an ad. >> it's tough to get kids that age, as you know, to behave, and to get them to all work in concert with one another, it's miraculous. >> special effects. all you need is the roller skates now, dave. can you stand up? >> as i mentioned before -- >> i'm preparing for a segment later on on the program. >> please.
8:20 am
>> look at that. form fitting. >> it's a little too form fitting. >> you might regret that. >> that was unnecessary. i'll speak to you after the program. >> i'm in trouble. >> moving forward this morning, all right. you were a champion rubik's cube guy. >> absolutely. that's how i got the ladies in high school. >> locked in his room for hours on end. >> i'm a junior now. >> if you were frustrated more than 20 years ago by rubik's cube, fasten your seat belts. professor erno rubik has created a new puzzle called "rubik's 360," and it promised to be as complex and frustrating as the original. to show us how it works, we inviteded tyson mao, who's the world renowned speed solver of the original cube. good morning. ho you used the new one? >> i have. we had it backstage. got five out of the six ones. the green ball needs to go over in the green hole. >> what's the trick to it? >> just hold it still for a second. i think we need to look at this
8:21 am
as closely as possible. what it is is the little ball, different colored balls that are inside a circle, a sphere that's inside another sphere. and the idea is to get the balls into the various colored little receptacles. >> you've got to get the yellow in the yellow, the red in the red. how does it compare to the old one? >> it's very different, so you can't really compare them. this is more of a physical puzzle. the ingenuity is in the design. you've got the two spheres inside, and they move on different axes. trying to figure out how to get the holes aligned so they don't fall through is tricky. it doesn't really compare. >> when you first saw this, did you say to yourself, this is going to be a piece of cake? >> i didn't know exactly how it worked at first. after some time and i figured it out, it wasn't too bad. but, you know, at a first glance, it's not immediately obvious. >> let us see you work this thing. >> i don't know that there's really that great -- i just have a little trick here. i kind of throw it up and hope the ball gets jammed into the hole.
8:22 am
>> that's how you do it? >> it requires a bit more random chance than the normal rubik's cube. >> oh. you throw it around? >> there's a physical aspect to this. >> there might be a more ingenuous way to solve this but -- >> how fast can you do the old one? because you holt the record. >> i used to hold the record for solving it blindfolded. my brother held the record for solving it straight up. >> you were here before and did this. >> can you show sinus ? that's always fun. >> i've had more time with this one. the old rubik's cube, i can explain pretty well. the new one, i'm not exactly sure. i haven't figured it out. >> he's talking and solving at the same time. >> you can talk and drive a car, right? >> it's not exactly the same thing. >> this is a little more my speed. >> throw it against the wall if you really have a hard time with it. >> tyson mao, thank you so much.
8:23 am
e'llt to see you.
8:24 am
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8:30 am
♪ and i'm free free fallin' ♪ ♪ yeah i'm free >> so dave? >> yes, harry. >> is up to his usual high jinks. here's the funny part. the people on the back of the trampoline are supposed to be spotting. whenever he comes close, they back away. unbelievable. >> how does that feel, dave? >> it depends on where you're asking, maggie. i'm checking on what's going on on the roof of the gm building. this is out of my comfort zone. significantly. but it's -- >> his voice has gone up a notch there. >> yes, it has. >> and i think we can see why. >> okay, maggie. >> welcome back to "the early
8:31 am
show." we're going to explain what this is all about. >> oh. oh. someone get me some ice. someone get me some ice. >> coming up, we'll get back to dave in just a second. >> yes. >> people are counting calories. they may not realize there's a difference in what condiments they use and how many calories they consume. >> absolutely. >> we'll tell you what that's about in just a little bit. >> we are our nutritionist kerri glassman in to talk about this. sxnch and lots of 4 and 5-year-olds think they're in charge. they don't hesitate to let us know about. we'll get advice on how to deal with bossy kids. >> and we'll get the weather forecast from dave in a little bit. >> possibly, if he recovers. >> first let's go inside and
8:32 am
check in with chris at the news desk. aren't you glad you came in today? >> good luck with the forecast. dave, you'll be okay. first lady michelle obama and other spouses of leaders at the g8 summit got an earthquake tour today. the subject site is l'aquila in the italian mountains, heavily damaged by an earthquake back in april. the cleanup has gone slowly, and thousands of people in the region still living in tent cities. outside chicago, horrific allegations at a historic cemetery. workers at burr oak cemetery are accused of digging up more than 100 bodies to resell the burial plots. investigators say they were placed in a mass grave. the cemetery is famous for people buried there, including civil rights leader emmitt till. in camden, missouri, a bizarre death at a factory that processes chocolate. a worker lost his footing yesterday and fell into an eight
8:33 am
foot deep vat of boiling chocolate. the man was struck by one of the mixing paddles inside the vat. co-workers were unable to turn off the machine in time to save his life. and a 14-year-old michigan boy took his little brother and cousin on a wild ride this week. took hissed da esed dad's car t some ice cream. but a police chase ensued when he refused to pull over. the 100 mile an hour chase ended when he crashed into some trees. no one was seriously hurt, but a scary situation. now we are going to attempt to head back outside and check in with dave price for a final check of the weather today. dave, you okay, first of all. >> we have some medics coming in just a little while. by the way, this is how it's done. look at that. watch her. she's about to flip. whoa. very cool. we'll hear more about that in just a little while. in the meantime, let's take a check of the weather and see what's happening all across the country. it looks like you are going to see beautiful weather. if you are west of the rockies, it's going to be gorgeous from vegas to portland to seattle down to los angeles.
8:34 am
very, very nice. phoenix, tucson, you're going to see warm temperatures typical of this time of year. particularly hot for folks in the southern plains and oklahoma and throughout texas. again, drink plenty of water today. the southeast, you're going to see showers from florida to georgia to south carolina. we got walloped in charleston yesterday. weep in mind severe weather potentially as you head to portions of the midwest. those storms will continue to rumble tomorrow. may actually be warm tomorrow in the northeast. lingering showers,
8:35 am
harry, just another day out here on the plaza. over to you. >> all right. thanks very much, dave. from barbecue sauce to onion dip, it's easy to go condiment crazy over the summer. keri glassman is a registered dietician and contributing editor to "women's health" magazine. she's here to make sure we don't take our condiments over the edge. >> exactly. and it's very easy to do that. just yesterday i was looking at a science food journal, and it said turkey sandwich. it actually had steamed shrimp on it. but i said, what did you dip the shrimp into and what did you put on that sandwich? it's very easy. i'm going to show you how in one day you can almost consume 1,000 calories just from condiments. >> right here we have a day's worth of meals. all the way from breakfast, lunch, snackage, and everything else. this is a day's worth of food, and you can save 1,000 calories
8:36 am
just by changing the condiment. >> almost 1,000 calories, and we're not even switching up the food. let's start with breakfast. i happen to love ketchup on my eggs. for 48 calories, it's not worth it. for zero calories, hot sauce. 70 calories from butter. let's switch it up. spray a little bit of olive oil and add a little parmesan cheese, you're getting healthy fat and calcium. a little more flavor for only 25 calories. >> so just in breakfast alone, i saved how many calories? >> just in breakfast alone, you went from the 48 to 0 and then you saved about 50 there. and then from 70 to 25. >> should have like an abacus or something up there. so here's lunch. >> now we get to lunch. you're feeling great. you didn't go for the fried chicken. you went for barbecued chicken. >> smart. but grilled, skinless. >> they're both grilled, skinless, excellent choices. but save 50 calories and sugar from the barbecue sauce and go for the immune boosting herbs and spices for zero calories.
8:37 am
we're also having cole slaw. cabbage, one of my favorite high oxidant foods. but 70 calories from that mayo. we can go to zero and get more antioxidant frs mustard and vinegar. >> that's okay. but you're sitting there looking at that going, i want that. what did you put on there? >> this is just as tasty. rosemary, tarragon, a little lemon and garlic. >> if you're out of your mind. >> if adds a lot of flavor and nutrients. >> so we're saving a lot of calories. so here's snackage. >> we're at happy hour, sitting around the pool on a saturday afternoon. again, pat yourself on the back. you're going for some vegetables. >> right, you are. >> doing a great job. 120 calorie ins that onion dip, lots of fat. this is one of my client's favorite dips. nonfat cottage cheese, a little white horseradish and all different herbs and spices. >> horseradish, that's smart. >> and you don't see it. so 30 calories.
8:38 am
also some protein and calcium and antioxidants from the herbs and spices again. there you're being extra virtuous and getting the nutrients without the extra calories. >> don't stop now. >> don't stop now. let's keep going. a great choice with that steamed shrimp. instead, like my client did yesterday dipping it in the tartar sauce for 120 calories. >> eyes opinion. >> go for the zero calories with lemon and garlic. it's tasty. garlic is also heart healthy. now we get to dinner. steak has enough calories. don't need to add more. 60 calorie ins that teriyaki sauce. instead, make a 20 calorie marinade with worcestershire sauce, spices. >> looks like mosquito larva. >> those are herbs and spices. we've got the baked potato with 120 calories from butter and sour cream.
8:39 am
swap that out and throw on nonfat greek yogurt. it's a little tart with pa pri ka. and who needs to put that cheese for 300 calories. you don't need to mask the broccoli. put oil spray and parmesan cheese. 158 calories we save. >> how about that? >> good. and we're eating the same food. >> look at that. that's 858. >> that's pretty good. >> you can feel the pounds just flying off your body. >> all the pounds throughout the year. >> there we go. teri glassman, as always, thank you so much. for calorie, go to our website, the new season of "big brother" premieres tonight with 12 new house guests and a summer of surprises. our partner julie chen, who also hosts "big brother," says the show is going green but the guests are seeing red.
8:40 am
this is the "big brother house," but it's also the scene of this summer's biggest marathon competition. for the next 2 1/2 months men and women from across the country will be locked inside vying for a $500,000 prize. >> here we go. ooh-la-la. very green and lush. very different. >> here we are, california modern lifestyle and ecofriendly. but what do you notice? >> everything in here is a recycled product. >> yes. so we have turned recycling products into the core. you've got glass and cardboard and plastic and aluminum and wood all taken from our garbage cans and turned into art. >> the house may be ecofriendly, but this season that's where the friendliness might end. from the get-go this will be a house divided. remember high school? >> yes. >> cliques of high school.
8:41 am
picture high school times a thousand and you can't leave. we have cast people that represent different cliques or groups that i think everyone can relate to in high school. the brain, the popular kids, sort of the offbeat, and also the athletes, or the joks. >> even before these 12 house guests get comfortable in their cliques, "big brother" has another surprise in store for them. >> on premiere night, they will be surprised with the news that it's not just 12, but 13. and that one of these groups, one of these cliques will be getting an extra member. >> i think the most fun theme that's going to be for me is just walking in the house. like is this really happening? that's going to be the funnest part for me. >> opening night, they're going to come back here and vie for the most comfortable bedroom. this is club lounge. picture sort of a hip l.a. nightclub. you could almost have bottle service at your bed. bedroom number two. >> oh, my goodness. this is a bedroom? >> this is a bedroom. as if you were living at the bottom of a swimming pool.
8:42 am
>> i feel like i should be treading water. >> people are swimming laps above us. >> is this supposed to be blanket? >> they will have an extra blanket underneath. this is used as a cover. does it work? is it warm? >> there might be air pockets. >> you might go floating to the top. >> what's behind these doors? >> i will go out on a limb and say probably one of the worst rooms we've ever had on "big brother" history. and i mean, this will be the toughest room for the house guests to live in. every week, a group of house guests will unfortunately have to sleep in here. and they will have to shower on the cold side of our shower. >> this side will never have hot water? >> this side will be cold always. >> that is not nice. no matter how cold it gets, the competition is guaranteed to heat things up starting tonight when "big brother" premieres at 8:00/7:00 central right here on cbs. now let's go over to -- he was the jock in high school, i'm
8:43 am
sure. harry. >> among other things. >> thanks, maggie. has your child suddenly started bossing around friends and siblings? it's annoying but not unusual, according to psychiatrist janet taylor, who's here with important advice about breaking bossy behavior. good morning. >> good morning. >> we want to differentiate between bossy and bullying, right? >> right. >> how do you see those? as really two different things. >> they're definitely two different things. if you can think of both of them as difficult behaviors. bossiness is difficult behavior for a parent and certainly with interactions with their child. but bullying is more intentional and can involve emotional abuse, physical abuse, and really manipulative. bullying is more disruptive and needs to be stopped right away. >> how would you understand that your kid is exhibiting bossy behavior? >> well, most parents do understand it, but typically a child who exhibits bossy behavior may try to use a loud voice and really is very demonstrative. but bossiness doesn't necessarily have to be a
8:44 am
negative because, in fact, it can show some leadership qualities and goal-oriented. so but just being aware of the behavior is what really is key. >> okay. now, you've outlined some physical and verbal signs that parents should look for in a child that's bossy. what are they? you said kind of loud voice stuff. >> right. loud voice or if they use kind of physical, putting their hands on people to really manipulate them. >> like go sit over here. >> or taking toys, saying i want there. or using words like "you'd better" or "i want you to." as parents, the real goal in teaching our children is about social understanding. so how they react and understand emotional and behavioral cues, and it's really the focus and understanding instead of just react to go it. >> so you have this bossy kid, and you're saying, this is not the worst thing that's going to happen in the world. you're trying to understand it as best you can. how do you sort of literally handle it hands on? >> well, first, you can praise the child.
8:45 am
you know, using positive reinfor reinforcement. i like the way you said, susie, go and get the truck. but maybe you could have said, why don't we go and get it together. >> or please. >> or using please and thank you, words like that. certainly modeling for your child is important. but mostly just understanding that a 5-year-old, 6-year-old, i mean, the world is theirs. so what is often perceived as bossiness really is a natural sense of development. >> extension of what their -- because they really do see the world as their oyster and entitled to sort of everything. >> yes. >> if you see your child is exhibiting bullying behavior, beyond sort of just this bossiness, what should you be doing to sort of get a handle on that? >> the key to helping a child who's a bully is to help them understand social cues. so the nonverbal, the expression, in terms of helping them say, okay, you feel something. show it. and how to recognize nonverbal behavior. in terms of feeling, talk about how they feel. i feel this, inside out. and then lastly is the
8:46 am
regulation which is about dealing with it. so if you can help a child who's a bully understand social cues, understand how they feel and behave, you can really give them goals. >> and how it makes other kids feel. >> and other kids feel. you can give them tools for a lifetime. >> last but not least, if you are in a situation you see your kid as being bossed around versus bullying, here's this bossy kid who's very, you know, full of himself. and you're thinking, this is not fair because my kid is being bossed around by this kid. what should you do? >> ask your child how they felt. you can practice with them. you can give them alternatives and say, you know what, if that child makes you feel a certain way, you can look for new friends. again, it's the whole connecting how the emotion and the feeling and giving them the tools to speak up and say, no, i don't want to do that. >> it's all about the tools. dr. janet taylor, thank you so much. for more on bossy behavior, go to our website. up next, more bungee, bungee,
8:47 am
bungee. we're going to tell you why hundreds of women are taking the leap when we come back.
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♪ ♪ women and dave to try something new during a summer festival they call are you game? >> dave is our sacrificial woman today. one of the challenges this year is the euro bungee, and women's health contributor cristina goyanes is here to explain. good morning. >> good morning. >> so every year "women's health" hosts this event called are you game? what it does is invites people
8:50 am
to step outside their comfort zone and try something new like the euro bungee. >> euro bungee, it's a trampoline meets a bungee. there are health benefits to this unless this is too tight. >> i'm scared to death. >> dave could probably tell you it's quite a workout. you're getting a good cardio workout. your heart rate is going up. low impact. and you have to use your core and body to stabilize yourself on the uneven ground, be aware of the center of gravity. you could burn up to 220 calories an hour doing something like this. >> really? >> and it releases feel good hormones. he's going to come off that feeling incredibly high and empowered. >> how are your hormones, dave? >> really good. >> how's the estrogen? kidding. but this really is for women because you find that, in addition to the physical benefits you mention, there are psychological benefits, lasting ones beyond the feel good. >> a lot of women have these preconceived notions what they can or can't do. i woke up this morning and
8:51 am
thought, i don't know if i can do this. you have to push yourself out of your comfort zone. i'm afraid of heights. trying something like this was such a rush of adrenaline. >> dave, are you outside your comfort zone now? >> i'm so outside my comfort zone, i have to fly there. >> dave, you're outside our comfort zone. >> you do this every year in are you game? you go from city to city and encourage women to participate? >> we're here in new york this weekend and in chicago next weekend. the real message we're trying to deliver are are you game is a mindset. we're encouraging women to step outside your comfort zone, try something, challenge yourself. when you have confidence, that goes through everything in your life. whether you're going for a job interview, meeting new people at the gym working out. confidence is going to make you a happier, healthier person. >> i wouldn't wear this to a job interview. >> hey, peter pan, let's go. >> are you ready? start the music. here we go. >> you know, it's so
8:52 am
interesting, cristina, because different people from different walks of life when they go on retreats, for instance, would do a ropes course. oh, my god. >> i did it! i did it! >> he nailed the dismount. >> look how good he feels about himself. >> and they would say to themselves, well, i could never do a somersault like dave just did. and look, it's a life-changing experience. >> it is awesome. i feel so confident, i could be an anchor on this show. i could do it. >> let's not get ahead of ourselves here, dave. >> confidence. it builds confidence, and it makes you somewhat delusional apparently. just kidding. but we get the message, and it's a good one. >> cristina, thank you so much. good job, dave. >> that was so cool. >> have a great day, everybody. >> have a great day, everybody. your local news is next. well done.
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i'm meteorologist kim martucci. boy, is the weather nice. so good outside there. we have temperatures in the upper 60s and in some spots the 50s like martinsburg, west virginia. this means our trend of gorgeous weather will continue through the end of this workweek. today we will take you up to 81, partly cloudy skies. tomorrow a few clouds around. we have northeast winds today. that will back in a few clouds on top of us. heading to the weekend it feels like summer again. on saturday, approaching 89, maybe 90. on sunday scattered thunderstorms work in the picture that may last until monday. one hot day this week, 89 on saturday and then after that little ridge we will be going down to the middle 80s. ampleg high 18. so far we have been coasting
8:56 am
and if you are like me you will love your utility bill in month. way lower than last year at this time. back to angie goff and find out about the traffic. you may love beauty tips on a budget. it is coming up at 9:00 a.m. join us for that. but look at traffic beginning with 95 northbound in virginia. from lorton to the mixing bowl a estimated an extra 20 minutes for that delay. 66 eastbound, from 123 to the capital beltway, it is just volume. in dc, a report of an accident at the intersection of independences and maryland avenues. this is in southwest. finally to wrap it up here's the outer loop. a slow ride. some would say a crawl pretty much at a stand still from new hampshire to georgia and it is off and on. that's a look at traffic. back to kim. look at the satellite-radar loop. all pretty. some showers across the ohio river valley. some to our south.
8:57 am
and catching another nice day and folks in new england will get a break if you know anyone up there. the temperatures not bad. upper 60s to near 70. comfortable enough to go for that run. you are not going to feel too humid and that is perfect for july because it hardly ever happens. we will take you to the low 80s today. the 9:00 a.m. show is up next and we want to see you on the other side of the break.
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